10 Most Important String Methods

charAt(i) – this method returns the character at the provided index of i for a string. The index starts from left at 0. length – Method returns the length of the provided string. split(delimiter,limit) -it returns an array containing each element according to the specified delimiter. limit is an optional parameter which will specify the […]

What is Hoisting in JavaScript?

Hoisting is JavaScript’s default behavior to push declarations of variables to the top of its scope. When JavaScript compiles the code, all the variables declarations are moved to the top of their global or functional scope. Hoisting does not happen inside your code but it happens when JavaScript compiles your code. Even the functions are […]

Difference between Var, Let and Const

When ES2016 was introduced, it had two new ways of defining variables called let and const. Earlier, in JavaScript you could only define variables using var. Var var is function-scoped or globally scoped. var which is declared outside of the function-scope is available to use by the entire web page. Function-scope means when declared inside […]

A Guide To Operators In JavaScript

An operator performs operation on one or multiple values and build result. There are 5 categories of operators. Comparison Operators Arithmetic Operators Assignment Operators Conditional Operators Logical Operators Comparison Operators This list of operators always requires two operands and returns a boolean value as the result. Operators Description == equal to === matches value and […]

Top 5 commonly used git commands

Git CloneGit Clone is a command for fetching source code from a remote repository. It makes an identical copy of the latest version of a project in your local repository. The command is: git clone <url> //url : Get the URL from the project which usually starts with https:// in the above image, we are […]

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